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The term “Frozen ATPL” is used throughout the Aviation Industry to describe the qualifications required to apply for a job as a First-Officer with an Airline.

National Flight Centre offers a structured training package that is unparalleled in terms of flexibility, quality and price. Our course suits the individual who would like to continue in full-time employment or indeed a customer who would like to complete the course on a full-time basis.

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What Are The Benefits Of Training With National Flight Centre?


  • You train at your own pace
  • You train when it suits you
  • All of your training completed without having to leave Ireland
  • No money up front, Pay as you go
  • High Quality training and Customer satisfaction and with an Academy that is held in high regard throughout the Global Aviation industry (View Testimonials)

What Do I Need before I Commence Training?


  • The minimum age for the grant of a Commercial Pilots Licence is 18 years of age
    • You should complete a Class One Aviation Medical (Medicals can be completed in the Mater Hospital or The Charter Medical Health Screening Clinic)
  • You should have a good working knowledge of the English Language
  • You should have a good understanding of Maths/Physics as this is an advantage

Step 1: Private Pilot Licence (PPL) / Night Rating


The Private Pilots Licence is the foundation of your aviation career. You will complete a minimum of 45 hours of Flight Training and 9 theoretical exams with the Irish Aviation Authority. You will learn all the basics of flying from our professional Instructional staff. Throughout this stage, you will learn all the basics of flying and indeed navigation. You will get the opportunity to complete your first solo flight and your first solo navigation flight.

You can complete your Night Rating training during or after your PPL Training. It involves 5 hours of Night Flying, including Navigation practice and a minimum of five solo take-offs and landings.

On successful completion of this stage, you will be awarded an EASA Private Pilots Licence with Night Rating.

Step 2: Hour Building / ATPL Theoretical Exams


You will consolidate and improve your flying skills during this stage concurrent to completing our Distance Learning ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Course.

ATPL Theory: We will guide you through your ATPL Studies with our Computer-based Training (CBT) Package. We use the widely accredited Padpilot Theoretical Knowledge training package. You can complete this from the comfort of your own home. Our Instructors are always at hand to help you in any way they can. We also include online instructor guidance/support and provide consolidation time where you will prepare to undertake the exams with the Irish Aviation Authority.

Hour Building: We can provide an objective based hour-building programme where you will continue to learn and consolidate on your flying skills, which will prepare you for the next stages of Flight Training. Many of our students have flown as far as Spain and beyond during this phase. You can even bring your family and friends along for a pleasure flight!

Step 3: Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL)


On successful completion of the ATPL Theoretical Exams and hour building you will commence your Commercial Pilots Licence training course. You will have accrued a wealth of experience with NFC during your hour-building stage and should have little problem completing this 25 hour course and passing the associated flight test. You will complete this course on our C172RG.

Subjects taught include advance navigation and handling skills and Basic Instrument Flight Manoeuvres.

Step 4: Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (MEIR)


During this stage you will learn how to fly with sole reference to instruments. This course lasts a minimum of 61 Hours. 40 of these may be conducted in our EASA Approved FNPTII Flight Simulator. The benefit of having an FNPTII Simulator cannot be overstated and greatly reduces the overall course cost to you as the customer, as Multi-Engine Training can be the single most expensive portion of Flying Training. Our simulator is based on the BE-76 Duchess which allows for a seamless transition on to our BE-76 Aircraft where you will complete the remaining 21 hours of flight training culminating in your MEP/MEIR Skills Test.

On successful completion of this stage, you will be awarded a Multi-Engine Instrument rating.

Step 5: Multi-Crew Co-Operation Course (MCC)


Before you can apply for an Airline, you will need to complete a Multi-Crew Co-operation course to teach you how to operate safely and efficiently in the Multi-Crew environment. Our MCC Course is conducted by some of the Airline Industry’s most Senior Operational Training Captains, Type Rating Examiners/Instructors making this the ideal opportunity to expand on your Flying Skills to prepare you for a Simulator Assessment with an Airline. This course is conducted over 10 days and you will complete lectures on Cockpit Management, Leadership, Communication to name but a few. You will also complete 20 hours of flying the state of the art Boeing 737 Simulator at Dublin Airport.

Can You Guarantee That I Will Get A Job As An Airline Pilot


No. Nobody can guarantee you a job as an Airline Pilot. To do so is impossible. National Flight Centre Pilot Academy is committed to looking after our graduates and providing support and guidance required to assist you in gaining employment with an Airline.

With the right attitude and perseverance, you will stand a very good chance of gaining employment.

Indeed many of the NFC Instructors for the advanced flying stages of this course are current operational Airline Pilots and would be delighted to give you worthwhile advice and career guidance.

Many of our past graduates have been afforded the opportunity of completing the NFC Flight Instructors Course and have continued their professional flying with us before moving on to Flying for an Airline.

Come out and visit us for a day, we’re conveniently located on the outskirts of Dublin.

Alternatively, you can contact National Flight Centre today on +353 0(1) 6282930 or email and get your career off to a flying start!

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Why Choose Us


The National Flight Centre offers approved courses starting with introductory flights and ranging from Private Pilot Licence (PPL) all the way through to Commercial Airline Pilot courses.

I completed the modular ATPL course with National Flight Centre in April. While the course is hard work the team at NFC made sure that I had all the assistance I needed to get through it. The modular course suited me, as I needed to work my flight training around my own job and NFC were very accommodating in creating a schedule that was manageable. I really enjoyed the atmosphere out in Weston during my training, all the instructors and staff are very helpful and always on hand to assist with any questions I had. Thanks to them I am starting my B737 type rating with Ryanair in December. I would definitely recommend the National Flight Centre to anyone who is interested in pursuing a flying career!
Michael EnnisNFC Graduate, Modular ATPL
I completed all of my Flight Training at the National Flight Centre – I found the friendliness and professionalism of the staff to be refreshing, and indeed the flexibility of my personalized training programme allowed me to complete all my training while continuing in full-time employment.
Enda RyanNFC Graduate, Sim Instructor, B737-800 Ryanair
When you train at are prepared for the next step in to the career of a Commercial Pilot. The focus is on quality and attention to detail. Students (Customers) always come first. After completing all my training with NFC, within weeks I got offered a job and have since completed my Type Rating training on the B737-800 and look forward to my line training!
Mark DwyerNFC Graduate, B737, Ryanair
I completed my PPL, Night Rating, CPL and Multi-Engine Piston Instrument rating with NFC and I can testify to the quality instruction and customer service received by students. I landed my Airline job within weeks of qualifying and have never looked back…
Oisin Green NFC Graduate, B737, Air Contractors
The NFC offers high quality training in a professional manner while still maintaining the friendly and fun atmosphere of a flying club! I completed my Commercial Pilots license and Flight Instructors rating with NFC and subesequently accepted employment with Aer Arann. Now I work as a Captain and Type Rating Instructor with Cityjet and I regularly train NFC Graduates and find the impeccable standards are being maintained…
Julie GarlandNFC Graduate, Captain/TRI, BAE-146, Cityjet
I always found the staff and Instructors at NFC to be of the highest calibre…
Imelda ComerNFC Graduate, Sim Instructor, Ryanair
As a Captain with Cityjet and a former graduate, I can testify to the high standards of the National Flight Centre
John DowdsNFC Graduate, Captain, BAE-146, Cityjet
Training provided at NFC is unparalleled by any Flight School in the country…
John DeveneyNFC Graduate, Captain, BAE-146, Cityjet
On completion of training with NFC – I flew for Ryanair and became a Captain, I applied for a position flying 747’s at Cathay Pacific and the rest is history!
NFC GradAlan Quigley NFC Graduate, B747, Cathay Pacific
I completed my training with NFC and started out banner towing, I worked with Luxair then moved to AerLingus as a Training Captain on the A330 – I’m currently working for a corporate client in the UAE
Colin RyanNFC Graduate, Airbus Series A330/21/20/19/18, Training Captain, AerLingus
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